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Peugeot L'Arbre à Café u'Select Coffee Mill, 20cm

Peugeot L'Arbre à Café u'Select Coffee Mill, 20cm

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The eye-catching and ultra-high-performance L’Arbre à Café mill is equipped with a lifetime-guaranteed steel mechanism and an intuitive precision grind adjustment mechanism.

With 11 adjustment settings, the grind can be set for different brewing methods, from espresso to cold infusion.


  • Even reproducible grinding
  • Easy secure control
  • Straightforward, easy and fast to use
  • Settings for all types of coffee brewing from espresso to cold brew
  • A reservoir that holds up to 35g of coffee, enough to brew 0.5 litres
  • A washable glass container, with measurement markings
  • Comes with a brush and a measuring spoon

For a guide on how to use and set up your Peugeot L'Arbre à Café u'Select Coffee Mill, click here. 


Mechanism Type

u'Select Grinding Mechanism


The essential instrument for slow coffee enthusiasts

Fine coffee lovers can rely on this Peugeot coffee mill to achieve the perfect grind, regardless of the brewing method. Whether they enjoy espressos, filter coffee, piston press coffee or cold brews, they can select the appropriate grind setting in a single motion. The very intuitive u’Select grind adjustment system, the extreme quality of the steel mechanism and the stylish design of the handle make L'Arbre a Cafe as attractive as effective.

Connoisseurs know only too well that the world of coffee is characterised by the wide range of origins, roasts and brewing methods. A fresh grind is key to a high-quality coffee. The ability to instantly grind your coffee is essential for locking in its full intensity and aromas. L’Arbre à Café Mill allows everyone to grind their coffee just in time.

This coffee mill is the fruit of a collaboration between three demanding and passionate experts: Peugeot, Sylvie Amar Studio, for the design, and Hippolyte Courty, roaster and founder of L’Arbre à Café. A winning trio for an innovative, intuitive and high-precision coffee mill.

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