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How do I use my Peugeot Mill?
If you have one of our manual mills, turn the head of the mill clockwise whilst holding the body.
If you have a Paris electric mill, gently turn the head of the mill clockwise after selecting one of 6 grind settings.
If you have an electric mill, press the button on top gently to begin grinding.
If you have a u’Select mill, select one of 6 settings by rotating the base of the mill anti-clockwise for a fine grind, and clockwise for a coarse grind.
Feel free to contact consumer care to learn more about your mill on 1800 099 012 or email
My Peugeot Mill isn’t working. What should I do?
If your mill is not working as it should, please contact consumer care on 1800 099 012 or email
Which sort of pepper should I use?
• To get the best results, we recommend you to use only dry, hard, whole peppercorns that are 6 mm (1/4″) or less in diameter. Black, white and dry green peppercorns can be ground in Peugeot pepper mills.
• The pink berries can be ground only if in a blend (max 15% pink) with one of these other peppercorns.
Which salt should I use?
To get the best out of your Peugeot salt grinding mechanism, you should use: dry, coarse salts, with a diameter of 4 mm (0.16″)
• sea salt.
• rock salt (mined from an underground salt seam).
Do not use your Peugeot salt mill for grinding:
• Pepper or any other spice.
• Damp sea salt, also known as grey salt, (Guérande, Ré, etc.). That is because its moisture content is so high that it will corrode the mill.
• For damp salt use the Peugeot wet sea salt mechanism. Its shape and materials have been designed to resist salt corrosion.
Can I use my pepper mill to grind salt or my salt mill to grind pepper?
You should only use your pepper mill to grind peppercorns, and your salt mill to grind dry salt.
We ask this as the mechanism in the pepper mill differs to the mechanism in the salt mill.
The pepper mill mechanism is carefully designed to crack the pepper in a way that releases the most flavour from the pepper corns. The technique to grinding dry salt differs.
The salt grinding mechanism is specifically designed for grinding dry salt. Using wet salt or pepper in your salt mill can damage the mechanism.
Why should I use a mill to grind my pepper?
The grind is essential for unlocking the full flavour of your pepper. Give your tastes free rein and choose the grind according to the required effect: 
Medium grind = FOR BALANCE
How do I clean my Peugeot mill?
Only use a soft, slightly damp cloth to wipe down your Peugeot mill. Never use any cleaning agent, detergent or dishwasher to clean your mill.
What is the warranty on my Peugeot Mill?
Peugeot mills have a lifetime mechanism guarantee. The body of the Peugeot mill has a two (2) year warranty, beginning the day of purchase. Contact us to learn more on 1800 099 012 or email
What is the Warranty on Appolia Bakeware?
The Peugeot Appolia ceramics range comes with a 10-year warranty. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, impacts and breakages, and any damage caused by use other than in accordance with these recommendations. 

A warranty claim will only be accepted if accompanied by proof of purchase (warranty card duly completed, receipt or registration on our website at 

Safe for use in:
• Oven
• Microwave
• Dishwasher
• Freezer (-20°C/ -4°F)

These products are not designed to be brought into direct contact with an open heat source (gas burner, electric hot plate or BBQ) or an induction cooktop.

Peugeot Appolia ovenware is highly effective at retaining heat and will stay hot on the table for up to 30 minutes. Appolia ovenware can withstand temperatures from -25°C to 250°C/ -77° F to 480°F.

Handmade products made of natural raw material may have some slight imperfections. These imperfections in no way affect the quality or performance of the pieces.

Use & Care:
• Remove all labels and wash the ovenware before using for the first time.
• To deglaze, only use warm liquid over 20°C/ 68°F
• Do not place the ovenware in cold water after removing from the oven.
• Place frozen food in a cold dish before putting in the oven.
• Always place the hot ovenware on a trivet.
• When handling your ovenware, the use of appropriate heat protection is recommended.
• Never leave the ovenware in the oven while the pyrolytic self-clean system is in use.
• Peugeot Appolia ceramics are extremely easy to clean. To remove stubborn baked-on food, pour hot water and dishwashing liquid into the dish and soak for a few minutes before cleaning with a sponge.
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