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200 Years of history


Start of the PEUGEOT family’s industrial vocation
Start of the PEUGEOT family’s industrial vocation - Peugeot SaveursThe Peugeot brothers Jean Pierre et Jean Frédéric converted the mill inherited from their miller ancestors, into a steel mill. Since then, rolled steel has been at the heart of Peugeot’s activities.


Supple, speedy saws
In 1812, the Society of Encouragement for National Industry awarded Peugeot saws a first class gold medal for their quality and price. In barely a year, these saws were already tipped to be a huge success.


The first coffee grinders
In 1840, Peugeot created its first coffee grinder, the R model, available in 10 different sizes. Until 1870, it was called the « Ordinary Model ». Yet, it was extraordinarily practical. Instead of grinding or heating the coffee beans, it cut them finely to draw out all the aromas.


The Peugeot Lion
In 1850, Peugeot unveiled the logo that would quickly become inseparable from its name: a lion on an arrow. Like a lion, Peugeot tools display resistance, bite, flexibility and speed. The « Lion on the Arrow » brand was registered in 1858 at the Imperial Conservatory of Arts and Crafts.


First cast-iron mills
These mills, also called “counter or grocer's mills” were used to grind large quantities of a variety of grains: coffee, sugar, oats, etc.


Z Model: First PEUGEOT pepper mill
The Z model was the very first model of the Peugeot table pepper mill. It isthe most widespread, and still is manufactured today! Initially, in plain white china, it was then made in silver-plated metal, in Bakelite, in wood, it was sometimes fitted with a crank handle.


« Le Grand Bi » (the great bicycle)
In 1882, Peugeot embarked on a well-rounded business: the Grand Bi, the first bicycle with unequalled wheels and chain transmission. At the Paris – Nantes 1025-km road race, the first five winners were riding a Peugeot bike making it an unprecedented success.


Type 3 - Here we drive
After testing a steam-powered vehicle in 1889, the following year, Armand Peugeot produced the first car with a petrol engine. Although only 4 were made, this was the beginning of the extraordinary Peugeot car adventure.


A Frenchman in America
In the 1930s, Jean-Pierre Peugeot visited American car factories. At a grand banquet, he was told that everything in the room was American. “Almost everything”, replied the French boss grabbing the table pepper mill. “This is French”, turning it over, he added, “And, what's more, it's Peugeot!”


The Peugimix
In 1960, the lion started to dabble in pastry-making with its first food processor, the Peugimix. Ideal for whipped cream à la française thanks to the double whisk whip, it was the crème de la crème of cooking robots at the time!


First electric pepper mill
Initial production of the model LAVAL, the first electric pepper and salt mill. It was then offered with a different finish: black, white and blue.


Peugeot 205 un sacré numero
It was declared "car of the decade" by CAR Magazine in 1990. It also won What Car?'s Car of the Year for 1984.


New logo
The Lion emblem that had embodied the brand since 1858 was reinvented once again in keeping with the times. Athletic and robust, elegant and determined with an open mouth but retracted claws, the lion was made more contemporary while remaining fully anchored in the brand's heritage. The name Peugeot, both the French brand and family that built it, proudly signed this singular lion that never stops innovating.