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Peugeot Appolia Ceramic Rectangular Baker 22 cm in Slate

Peugeot Appolia Ceramic Rectangular Baker 22 cm in Slate

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The Peugeot rectangular dish is available in individual 22 cm size, in the slate grey shade. Gratins, tians, lasagna, etc. to be enjoyed solo!


Lovely healthy oven-cooked food, in individual portions

Its ideal size for a one-person gratin lets your imagination roam free!

Made in Brittany, in a ceramics specialist factory, this dish benefits from all the advantages of this material: healthy even cooking, keeping warm at the table, resistance to mechanical and thermal impacts, etc.

Its ultra-resistant enamel helps you to maintain the colour and shine of your dish over time while using it as you wish: in the freezer, oven, microwave or dishwasher, everything is possible.

Peugeot Appolia dishes, 100% made in France, are created to last! Guaranteed for 10 years.


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