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Peugeot Paris Salt/Pepper Manual Mill Duo in black and white gloss, 18 cm

Paris Manual S&P Mill Set | In stock

We love the black and white lacquer set, 18cm, for its very elegant glossy lacquer. This wood set includes a salt mill and a pepper mill of opposite colors. Black for pepper and white for salt, this combination helps identify the right mill quickly and easy.


Authentic and Refined

The Paris Black and White Lacquer Set, 18cm, offers an impressive shine. In about 30 years, the Paris Mill has become an iconic shape in the world of gastronomy; favorite mill among foodies and chefs. With its appealing rounded shape, it is a symbol of simple, authentic and refined cuisine. Made of wood and finished in glossy black lacquer for pepper and white lacquer for salt, this set is made and assembled in Eastern France, following the tradition and experience of the Peugeot brand. Simply adjust the coarseness of the grind with a turn of the knob on top. Spices will reveal their aromas and strength when ground at the last moment.


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Vegan Lentil Terrine

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