Peugeot Appolia Ceramic Rectangular Baker 32 cm in Ecru

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The 32 cm ecru coloured version of Peugeot's Appolia ceramic rectangular oven dish is a must have classic for slow oven cooked meals.


The rectangular family version of the sober and classic oven dish begs to be used without moderation

Peugeot ceramic, the ultimate prestige material, guarantees slow, evenly cooked and tender meals, meaning healthy dishes with bags of flavour. The 32 cm (12.5in.) rectangular Appolia ceramic dish is ideal for everyday cooking, whether simple recipes or sophisticated creations. Its timelessly classic ecru colour will blend seamlessly with any table top. Once removed from the oven, the dish will keep your meal hot for up to 30 minutes a godsend when late arrivals finally turn up for dinner! The anti-abrasion enamelling and rounded edges mean that cleaning is both quick and easy. It can also be put in the dishwasher.


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