Peugeot Checkmate Pepper Mill in Matte Black, 22 cm

Checkmate Manual Wood Pepper Mill | In stock

Peugeot's Black pepper mill is made entirely in France. Its 22 cm body is crafted from beech sourced from sustainably managed forests and coated with a highly elegant matt black finish.

The mill features a high-performance steel mechanism that crushes the pepper before grinding it more finely. As such, you can take full advantage of all the flavours of freshly ground pepper.


Stylish, sleek design

Boasting a sober, sleek design, this manual wooden pepper mill conceals a mechanism offering an unrivalled cutting edge and superlative performance.

The lifetime-guaranteed pepper mechanism, which helped forge Peugeot's reputation so many years ago, slices the pepper rather than crushing it to release its wealth of aromas.

The Black pepper mill is made entirely in our factory in the Franche Comté region.

This 22 cm mill is topped with a sublime metal button, which cleverly conceals a function for changing the grind setting. Turn the button clockwise for an extremely fine grind. Conversely, the more you loosen the button, the coarser the grind will be.

- Made in France
- Wood sourced from French PEFC™-certified forests
- Water-based paint and varnish
- Mechanism with a lifetime warranty
- For grinding black, white, green and red pepper, pink peppercorns (no more than 15% in a pepper blend) and coriander seeds



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