Peugeot Fidji Manual Salt Mill in Matte Black wood and Stainless Steel, 20 cm

Fidji Manual Salt Mill | In stock

The narrow waist gives a charm to the Fidji 20 cm manual salt mill. The combination of the black finish on the beech wood body and the stainless steel head enhances its silhouette and gives it an additional elegance.


Charming Fidji

The silhouette of the Fidji 20 cm manual salt mill is reminiscent of a female silhouette: a slender body with charming curves. The black beech wood body presents an attractive contrast with the stainless steel head. The curved shape gives this salt mill perfect ergonomics. It is equipped with the Peugeot steel mechanism, which comes with a lifetime guarantee. The knob located on the top of the Fidji mill is used for easy adjustment of the salt coarseness: loosen it to obtain coarser grinding. Full of charm, the Fidji manual salt mill will bring additional style to your gastronomic moments.


  • Made in France
  • Matte black finish on beech wood, stainless steel head
  • Wood sourced from French PEFC™-certified forests
  • Mechanism with a lifetime warranty
  • For grinding dry white rock salt only, do not use other types of salt, peppercorns or other spices. 


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