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Peugeot Freshness & Effervescence, Two glasses for light, refreshing beers, 330 ml, 23 cm

Glassware | Out of stock

Are you on the lookout for the perfect gift to delight a lover of light, refreshing beers? The Freshness & Effervescence beer glasses from Peugeot have been specifically designed to elevate the taste of smooth, fruity beers with slightly citrus notes, such as wheat beers and pilsners.


For enthusiasts of light, balanced beers

Peugeot has worked alongside Elisabeth Pierre, a professional beer taster, to develop the Bierissime collection. This collection comprises three beer tasting glasses that have been crafted to showcase the specific aromas and organoleptic qualities of each main style of beer. The Freshness & Effervescence glasses feature a specially designed shape to take full advantage of the flavours and aromas of low-alcohol, fine and smooth beers with a balanced taste of hops and malt, such as wheat beers, pilsners and lagers. The wide mouth emphasises the head, the long sleek profile improves the flow of bubbles, and the stem ensures an easy grip while maintaining the beer's fresh taste.

This gift set comprises:

  • Two beer tasting glasses with a 330 ml capacity
  • Two coasters
  • One guide with Elisabeth Pierre's tips for tasting, serving and storing beers
  • Glasses made in Europe
  • Glass height 23 cm
  • Ideal gift for beer enthusiasts
  • Glass shape specifically designed to take full advantage of light and refreshing beers:
  • Large, slightly narrow mouth to emphasise the head and enhance the sparkling taste in the mouth
  • Sleek profile to heighten the crisp taste and improve the flow of bubbles
  • Narrow, long base to maintain the beer's fresh taste
  • Stem to avoid warming the beer.

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